Download BlueTooth Poker 8 2.8.5 Apk for android

Download BlueTooth Poker 8 2.8.5 Apk for android

It\s the Free version with Ads of Bluetooth poker 8 ( Texas Holdem ) where up to 8 people can play together with their smartphone.
It\s a multiplayer game, with Computer bots.
Bluetooth is buggy on some phone so experience may vary.
Better the phone is, better is the experience.
**********Choose the best phone for the server side.**********
One smartphone is the server and the others are clients.
Be sure to enable Bluetooth on all phones.
Before playing, pair via Bluetooth the server phone with up to 7 others phones which wants to play with.
At the End of a game it will show you if you have won the game or not. Disconnection and new connection is possible.

If it doesn\t work the first time try to destroy the launched app and make sure you have Bluetooth enabled and that your device is paired to the server phone before relaunching the app (The server phone could be any one and there is just one).

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Special Thanks to Mathias(Ron) and to Uidas

To All Tester too

And to the Godot Team!

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