Download BS Patro – Nepali BsCalendar 6.7.4 Apk for android

Download BS Patro - Nepali BsCalendar 6.7.4 Apk for android

BS पात्रो (BsCalendar) is a Nepali calendar in Bikram Sambat (वठक्रम सम्वत) including AD calendar and optionally either Hijri Calendar ( Islamic Calendar) or Nepal Sambat (नेपाल संबत). It displays Nepali calendar (नेपाली पात्रो) for 1970 BS to 2100 BS. You can select any BS year using \Year\ and \Month\ pop-down component there, which is equivalent to converting BS date to AD. There is a provision to select script either “English\ or \Nepali\. To convert AD date to BS date, BS to AD, AD to AH and AH to AD you can use \Date Conversion\ menu item. Beside BS and AD calendar, It also has provision to have one additional calendar either Hijri / Islamic Calendar(इस्लामठक कैलेंडर) or Nepal Sambat(नेपाल संबत) by enabling in setting.BS Patro – Nepali BsCalendar latest version(Note: If the standard menu icon (at top-right corner) is not visible (e.g. in some old android phone), one can click either at the app icon at Top – Left corner or use mobile set’s /tablet’s menu button to make its menu visible.)Product Features:• Displays Current Nepali Month (along with AD date) as Calendar• Displays any selected month\s calendar for BS year 1970 to 2100 (facilitates BS date to AD date conversion)• Converts AD date to BS date ( and BS to AD) for 1913.4.13 AD to 2044.3.31 AD• Conversion from Gregorian date to Hijri date and Hijri date to Gregorian(if Hijri is enabled).• Has provision to include Nepal Sambat (नेपाल संबत) by enabling it in setting menu.• Has provision to include Hijri Islamic Calendar (इस्लामठक कैलेंडर) by enabling in setting:-(mostly useful for Muslim Community in Nepal).• Simple to use, small size and occupies less storage space• Includes Panchanga(पञ्चाङ्ग), Tithi/Upcoming events, Holidays, Adhik Masa(अधठकमास) Information, Age(date difference) calculator. • Panchanga(पञ्चाङ्ग):- Panchanga of your current time and location, Panchanga in any District of Nepal, and panchanga of any location, any time as per your input • Beside various uses of Panchanga, Panchanga(current), District Panchanga & Panchanga(any) will be helpful to know the Panchanga of kid’s birth time at any location/country.

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