Download Don’t Stop Corocco2 – Escape Game 1.0.3 Apk for android

Download Don't Stop Corocco2 - Escape Game 1.0.3 Apk for android

This is a new entry in the \Don\t Stop Corocco\ series of stage-clearing escape games!Let\s make a way to proceed the stone Corocco while solving the mystery!You don\t need to have played the previous game, \Don\t Stop Corocco\ to enjoy this game.Dont Stop Corocco2 – Escape Game latest versionBasically free :- You can enjoy it for free until the end.- There is a charge for using ad removal.How to play :- You can get it by tapping the item on the screen.- Drag and drop items onto various objects to advance the game.- Corocco can not jump. Because he is a stone.- If you can make a path for Corocco to get through, you will clear the stage.Features :- The level of difficulty is beginner to intermediate.- It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.- If you get confused, you can see the hints from the menu at the top right of the screen.Stage introduction1: Tutorial2: Where is the radio control button3: Let\s catch orange4: Nice pose5: Watermelon seeds6: Round and round office chair7: Long plants8: Karate vs car9: Hidden my strawberries10: Windows and arrows11: Various postures12: ABC brothers and hamburgers13: Hit the block from below14: Hat and numbers15: Get up and jump16: A person who stretches17: Nice catch18: Bird pecking counter19: Lemon and border20: Flock of birds21: Balloons and pins22: Lighting and string23: Find the candle24: Pinball25: Penlight26: Alpaca hair27: Camera and uncle28: Rotating maze29: Shaven head and towel30: Escape from the cave

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