Download RheumaBuddy – Track your RA 3.2.21 Apk for android

Download RheumaBuddy - Track your RA 3.2.21 Apk for android

This award-winning app and European market leader has been co-created together with hundreds of patients and leading rheumatologists. RheumaBuddy is used by more than 15,000 users in most European countries and is available in multiple languages. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SYMPTOMS RheumaBuddy – Track your RA latest versionBy rating your daily rheumatic symptoms using a smiley scale, you can easily track and register how you have been doing. Additionally, you can decide for yourself which symptoms you want to track. Record and save details about your day, so you can remember and track your development over time. WHAT WAS SPECIAL TODAY? Add notes about your day, including how many hours you spent sleeping, working or exercising. Record which joints hurt most on a detailed pain map. RheumaBuddy then generates an overview of your daily diary entries and pain mappings, which can be very helpful later-on – especially when you visit your doctor. LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF Get an overview of your symptoms over time in a graph that summarizes your development over the last month. You can choose to look at each symptom separately, or to see how the different factors relate to each other. PREPARE FOR YOUR NEXT DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT Register all your upcoming doctor’s appointments and follow our Consultation Guide to better organise your thoughts, so you are prepared for the next visit. Review how you have been feeling and prepare questions and topics to discuss with your doctor, to get the most out of your consultation. GET ADVICE AND SUPPORT FROM A TRUSTED COMMUNITY Besides using the app as a personal symptom tracker, you can join the RheumaBuddy community embedded in the app. The community gives you the opportunity to ask for advice to likeminded users with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and to offer your help in return if you want. If you are shy, you can also join the conversation anonymously. For more information visit You can also follow RheumaBuddy for updates and news at, and If you have any suggestions on how to make RheumaBuddy better, please tell us at [email protected] We\re always eager to hear feedback! If you wish to report any inappropriate comments or behaviour in the community of the app, please let us know at [email protected] RheumaBuddy is compatible with newer versions of Android.

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