Download Sudoku – Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles 3.1 Apk for android

Download Sudoku - Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles 3.1 Apk for android

Are you looking for a user-friendly and simple Sudoku game with more fun and little advertising? Do you need a break or do you want to relax your mind and train your memory at the same time, without it feeling like a test, but like a real challenge?The perfect way to achieve this goal in your free time can be found here in the Little Owls Sudoku app. The Little Owl will accompany you on your journey from beginner to advanced sudoku player. Because you can easily improve logical thinking. With the easy-to-use user interface and a great selection of backgrounds that you can adapt to your mood, nothing stands in the way of your gaming fun.Sudoku – Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles latest versionEven if the thrill for you is to keep increasing the number of your weekly Sudoku puzzles and you love difficult levels that really challenge you, then the Little Owls Sudoku will get your money\s worth. You don\t have to wait for weekly uploads here, because from the start there are an infinite number of 9×9 Sudokus for you in 4 levels of difficulty.You are flexible and can take your current number puzzle with you wherever you go, as you can simply continue playing offline and save a lot of data!Do you need a small crash course for the rules of the game?In classic sudoku, you have to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 in a 9×9 grid so that the combination does not break the rules of sudoku. In contrast to the arrangement, these are easy: In a block with 3×3 boxes, in a row and a column of the complete grid, the numbers from 1 to 9 may only occur once! If you succeed, you will win.The highlights of the game at a glance:You will be amazed by- Attractive layouts in different colors- A fluid gaming experience, with little advertising- A multilingual menu (currently German and English)- The feature that incorrectly set numbers are marked- A clearer representation of the individual rows and columns to facilitate the game (especially suitable for beginners)- Best times, average times and the number of games won are also recorded for you in all difficulty levels

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